Updated invoices & payment allocations
Over the weekend, we have released some significant background changes that will help us bring in more intuitive and easier billing for our users, specifically in the way payments are allocated to invoices when dealing with prepays, third party billing and post pay invoices.
As part of this, invoices will now display a Paid or Unpaid status as well as highlighting whether the invoice was paid by account credit and/or allocated from a specific payment that is not attached to the invoice in question. This will assist in insurance and third party billing requirements that need proof of payment.
The changes made to the invoices are as follows :
a) Ability to choose whether you hide/show account balances
b) If there is only one provider on the invoice, this will now display above each billable item instead of underneath it. In the event of multiple providers, each billable item will show the provider underneath it
c) If invoice is paid by account credit or another payment not attached to the invoice, it will highlight this down the bottom of the invoice
d) A handful of minor bug fixes
One off availability now displays in online booking availability
When adding a one off availability to a practitioners diary, this now reflects in their online booking availability (if online bookings are enabled).
Payment processing validation
Previously when trying to process an appointment with an invalid line item or payment amount (i.e. 50,00 or 50..00) this would break the processing process.
Now you are alerted to the invalid amount and asked to change this before proceeding, ensuring you know exactly why a process fails and prevent corrupt data being inadvertently added.
This has also been added to the payment addition process on the patient billing area.
Several bugs killed
A collection of bugs relating to how we process rescheduled appointments and patient flow have been fixed.
This previously would have caused issues with multi-location setups in certain edge case scenarios.
Emoji support
Unfortuantely when trying to add anything into PracticeHub that had an emoji, this would fail.
This is now rectified and all customer databases have been upgraded to emoji support.
Fixed bug with login search page
Fixed a longstanding bug with the login search page which would fail in certain conditions:
Location filter on NP Referral Report
Fixed a bug where the location filter was not filtering on NP & Referral Report causing an inaccurate PVA and Patient Spend per referral source in certain instances.
Several performance enhancements
Added several performance enhancements to PracticeHub in several key bottleneck areas.
Privacy Mode now hides appointment communication notes
Previously when privacy mode was turned on, if a practitioner added a communication note to a treatment note - this popup would display with the patient name and details as well as being viewable in the patient flow tracker.
This has now been changed to included these two elements to further enhance your privacy.
Membership cancelled status fix
Issue with conditional logic for cancelled direct debit memberships
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