Bug fixes 14/05
  • When using either a custom or public check-in, the patient flow tracker and patient list on the practitioner dashboard was not updating. This has now been fixed
  • iCal files for confirmations were being sent with floating timezone, meaning the exact time that the appointment was at with no timezone. This was causing issues with the time not showing correctly for some recipients. iCal files are now sent in UTC time to counter-act this.
Tag deletions and additions
When a tag is added or removed, patients "updated" timestamps are now updated correctly. This impacts sending of tags through the AP integration.
Added payments to I&P export
Payments total have been added to the I&P report export.
Bug fixes 13/05
  • When adding a Stripe payment via the appointment calendar for a NP, it would not be added to that days shift. This has now been fixed.
Added tax to other report exports
Tax columns have been added to the Transaction Summary & I&P report exports
Changed language of SS#
On a custom form that patient fills in where the country of origin was Spain, the DNI/NIE number field was called Social Security Number #. This has now changed to DNI/NIE as per Spanish requirements.
Added ability to remove visit alert rules
You can now remove visit rules on a patients care plan or a care plan template.
Bug fixes 12/05
  • When saving a custom form that had a question or section with no label, it would not save however there would be no error. This has now been changed to save the form and label as empty.
  • Paragraph fields would not keep their line breaks, meaning all text would be on one line making the paragraph look pretty clunky! This has now been modified to allow for line breaks in the paragraph fields.
  • Tax amounts were not displaying on financial exports - this has now been rectified.
  • Slight issue with care plans causing an error on practitioner dashboard in certain conditions
Name of Tax changed to actual tax name
Previously on invoices, the tax columns and total would be displayed as "Tax". This has now been changed to the name of the tax related to the invoice.
e.g. Instead of saying Tax, in the UK this would now display as VAT. In Australia, this would now display as GST.
Tags to Autopilot
Patient tags now sync on the Autopilot integration.
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