Change the order of practitioners for online booking
In the layout tab of your online bookings you can now select between three options for display order
  • Default (the order they were created in)
  • Alphabetical
  • Custom
will match the order of the practitioners to the order you've set them up on the calendar see https://learn.practicehub.io/article/136-add-a-new-practitioner for more info on how to do this
Guide Slots on Closed Hours
Previously, Appointment Guide Slots if placed over "closed" clinic hours would offer appointment times. We have now fixed this so that guide slots only show availability if the clinic is open.
"All Patients" filter in Connect
You can now easily contact your entire patient base using the "All Patients" filter on both your one-off and ongoing campaigns. This filter will exclude any patient that is marked as 'Do Not Contact', 'Deceased' or that has unsubscribed from your emails (can be bypassed if desired).
Added ability to filter out appointments on calendar with no future appointment
You can now display only patients that have no future appointment on the calendar.
This is a simple toggle option under Calendar Settings on the left hand sidebar.
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 13-50-05
When this is turned on, only appointments whereby the patient does not have a future appointment (as of the current day) will display, and all others will be hidden. To display all appointments, simply toggle it back off.
This setting is not persistent, that is if the page is reloaded it will revert to showing all appointments. This is to prevent any confusion if someone accidentally clicks the toggle and is unable to see their full calendar of appointments.
Updated SMS Appointment date placeholders
SMS Placeholders for appointments previously used the following format
Full weekday name, day of month and shortened month name, e.g.
Friday 19 Aug
We have now changed this to shortened weekday name, day of month, shortened month name and shortened year e.g.
Fri 19 Aug 22
The reason for this change is to prevent confusion if people are booking appointments very far in advance and are not aware of what year it is in. The shortened weekday name ensures that you are not penalised for character counts when being charged SMS.
Added further options for "Skip Ahead" function
We have added a further two options for skipping ahead on the calendar of 10 and 12 weeks.
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 09-46-31
Added further options to customise patient name display on calendar
You can now customise your patient names on the calendar with a further two options
  • First name, then initial of last name
  • Initial of first name, then last name.
This is in addition to the two current options of
  • First name then last name
  • Last name then first name
You can access this via Settings -> Clinics -> Edit clinic in question -> Calendar Settings.
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 09-29-17
Custom Work Week days
You can now customise the number of days the "Work Week" view displays on the calendar.
Simply head over to Settings -> Clinics -> Edit clinic -> Clinic Settings and at the bottom of the form is an option to customise this.
Screenshot from 2022-08-18 13-05-44
You will then have these number of days displayed on the calendar when this view is selected.
Screenshot from 2022-08-18 13-06-27
Third party invoices now display private client billing info
If an invoice is marked as a third party invoice, or attached to a third party case, a breakdown of the following will display above the payment sections.
Claimant Excess - The excess of the invoice that is payable by the patient
Claimant Balance - The balance of the invoice payable by the patient that is outstanding
Third Party Balance - The balance of the invoice payable by the third party that is outstanding
Screenshot from 2022-08-02 14-56-02
Appointment status colours on checked in appointments
Appointments on the patient flow tracker, are now coloured based on what the status of that particular appointment is.
Arrived : Green
With Practitioner : Orange
Awaiting Checkout : Red
Screenshot from 2022-08-02 14-45-51
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