Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You can now hide an appointment type from showing on on PDF schedules and on the Home & Appts pages in the Patient App.
Just head to the Online Booking tab of your appointment type settings to enable this.
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You can now see at a glance the age of the patient and their photo when you open a patient file via the Practitioner Dashboard!
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You are now able to terminate a user's session on PracticeHub. Ending a Session will log the user out of the device they are logged in to - great if someone has left themselves logged in on a shared device!
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We have now added Israeli Shekel as a currency
The all new Payments page allows for you to view all payments within PracticeHub whether active or voided. You can filter transactions by date, clinic, payment method, status, type or reference. You can also void active payments. You'll find this page in Finances > Payments
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To prevent against accidental browser closure or loss of internet connection
Treatment Notes will now store themselves locally!
This means that whatever content you add, it will be continually stored in the browser you are using.
​You may notice the "Save Draft" and "Save Final" buttons being disabled - this will only occur if the note is empty or there is nothing to store.
Browser Auto Save is not the same as creating a draft - if you navigate away from the note,
it will not sit as a "Draft"
. You will need to click "New Blank Form" and then choose the relevant template. You will be prompted upon returning to confirm if you wish to restore your changes, or start afresh.
Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 09
Please note:
note content is stored directly within the browser until you save the note. This means if you use a different device or browser (or clear cache within), you will not be able to retrieve the stored content.
If you've any questions, just reach out to us at
In the layout tab of your online bookings you can now select between three options for display order
  • Default (the order they were created in)
  • Alphabetical
  • Custom
will match the order of the practitioners to the order you've set them up on the calendar see for more info on how to do this
Previously, Appointment Guide Slots if placed over "closed" clinic hours would offer appointment times. We have now fixed this so that guide slots only show availability if the clinic is open.
You can now easily contact your entire patient base using the "All Patients" filter on both your one-off and ongoing campaigns. This filter will exclude any patient that is marked as 'Do Not Contact', 'Deceased' or that has unsubscribed from your emails (can be bypassed if desired).
You can now display only patients that have no future appointment on the calendar.
This is a simple toggle option under Calendar Settings on the left hand sidebar.
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 13-50-05
When this is turned on, only appointments whereby the patient does not have a future appointment (as of the current day) will display, and all others will be hidden. To display all appointments, simply toggle it back off.
This setting is not persistent, that is if the page is reloaded it will revert to showing all appointments. This is to prevent any confusion if someone accidentally clicks the toggle and is unable to see their full calendar of appointments.
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